Danai Pappa


Danai is curating a triple bill night with works by Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi, anthologyofamess, Danai Pappa & Neal Spowage. On 25th May as part of Fiver Fridays at Chisenhale Dance Space. More info and online booking check here

Danai will be part of BMW Tate Live Exhibition: Ten Days Six Nights performing in works by Joan Jonas, 16-25 March.

Ariel Ariel, a collaboration with Neal Spowage will be part of A GLORIOUS GALLIMAUFRY on Wednesday 31st January 7pm, DMU PACE building, Richmond Street, Leicester.


January 28th
Danai performs in "Fighting with the Sun" by Lito Kattou at Clearview Art Project.

February 2nd
Part of How To Play A Room by Jan Lee, at The Place Theatre.

February 7th
"My Funny Borderline" A night of music, song, spoken-word, performance and dance at Jamboree by Coocoolili.


Exciting season co-curating events for Open Clusters, funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and through Chisenhale Dance. More details about Agony Art and Open Clusters visit here agonyart.tumblr.com.


3 Sided Man will be part of Agony Art event at Chisenhale Dance Space on Friday 27th May, 7pm. For more information please visit agonyart.tumblr.com.


Frozen Venus and Cold Papaya on Wednesday 7th May @ Leicester PACE Building, DMU. More info


3 Sided Man, new solo work to be performed in Conway Choreographies on Wednesday 16th April, Conway Hall - London.


Collaboration with Oiseaux Bizarres Ensemble for Jani Christou conference, including a performance on Saturday 16th November at Goldsmiths University. Find info!


Agony Art is curating an unorthodox evening, inviting artists who have previously shown work in one of our events to participate. The day will conclude with the presentation of a collective performance work. On the 18th October @ 7pm, Chisenhale Dance Space as part of The Big 30.


Cold Papaya, new work by Neal Spowage and Danai Pappa will be part of Fascinate conference in Falmouth University on the 29th August. It is us again with a speaker bra and a shovel controller!


Movement Coach for "Caryatid Unplugged" by Evi Stamatiou to be presented at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013, 2-25 August. Get your tickets here!


Curated by the d’n in collaboration with The Lab Collective, the July d’n café will welcome the founders of Agony Art who will talk to us about the dramaturgy of creating a DIY lab, a new addition to the performance scene, Friday 12th July @ Marylebone Gardens, 7pm.


Frozen Venus will be part of the Music and/as Process symposium in Huddersfield on the 30th June.


Performing with open OPENLAB (by Antonio de la Fe) at "Pool Nights" @ The Albert, London on the 7th June.

Performing with Ov London in the "Art of the Moment" @ The Albert, London on the 11th & 12th May.


Double bill for Danai! A new duet "Somniforte" created by The Vacuum Killers (Danai Pappa & Andriana Minou) will be presented at Musichoreography at King's Place, London, on the 14th April. Part of the same event will also be "sib Coduit" created by Danai and Neal Spowage.


Brand new work by Danai and Neal will be part of Agony Art event at Chisenhale Dance Space on Friday 22nd March, 7pm. For more information please visit agonyart.tumblr.com.


Improvising with musicians in Flux Soup at the Cinema Museum on Friday 8th March, 7pm. An imaginative night of clips and shorts from independent film-makers and fusion of jazz, classical and electronic music!




Danai will be one of the artist taking part in SatelliteBIDE in Outokumpu, Finland, 16-22 October. She is going to facilitate a day laboratory in "Open Bodies". Performance on the 20th October at Kiisuteatteri, 7:00pm.


"sib Conduit" goes to Leeds and will be part of Live Interfaces conference on live, technology-mediated interaction in performance on Saturday 8th September.


Danai will perform in the site specific performance "Epoché", composed by Luca Nasciuti. Thursday 9th August, Deptford Town Hall, 7pm.


A new piece by DAMA , "Play Light Down" will be performed as part of Agonyart at Chisenhale Dance Space on Saturday 23rd June.


Danai is featured in the video-installation created by The Hut Project for Jerwood Visual Arts Space. Exhibition dates: 9 May - 24 June.


A spontaneous performance in Polly Hewett's piece "Play Music: Wood" at St Andrew's Church, Brighton Fringe Festival, 5th May!


Danai gained a scholarship to participate in Satellite BIDE in Outokumpu, Finland (October 2012). More details about research subjects on this page closer to the date.


Danai is one of the artists taking part in Barcelona International Dance Exchange from 18th to 22nd April. On the 20th she is going to facilitate a six hour laboratory on "social body". On the 21st there will be a performance of the outcome at La Caldera, centre de creació de dansa i arts escèniques, Barcelona.


"sib Conduit" goes to Belfast and will be part of Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music on Saturday 24th March.




"sib Conduit" will be part of Agony Art evening at Chisenhale Dance Space on Friday 9th December, 7pm. For more information please visit http://agonyart.tumblr.com/.


In collaboration with artist Eleni Theofylaktou link a performance titled "From the beginning" will be presented at Moni Lazariston Festival, Thessaloniki on Saturday 19th November 8:00pm.

"sib Conduit" is a new piece created by Danai Pappa and musician Neal Spowage, to be presented at De Montfort University, Leicester on the 26th October, 7pm. For more details about the music event visit this link.

Danai is one of the 100 women taking part in Square Dances choreographed by Rosemary Lee as part of Dance Umbrella. Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October at Gordon square. For more information visit this link.

"Press es es" will be part of Luton Summer Festival, Saturday 30 July 2011. More details coming soon on this page.

Danai is playing with Neal Spowages's Electronic Dumbell. The performance will take place at Beam Festival (Brunel Electronic and Analogue Music Festival) on Friday 24 June. For more details about the project visit this link.

"Press es es" will be presented as part of Agony Art evening at Chisenhale Dance Space on Saturday 26 March. For more information please visit http://agonyart.tumblr.com

Danai is returning to Resolution! 2011 with a new choreography, presented at the Place on Monday 24 January (link). "Five and a half" is a 17min piece about emotional states. A group of females go through different moods and alternate physical patterns. Watch the trailer


Danai is delivering workshops at primary schools (terms 2010-2011) with Flat Feet Dance Company

Danai is performing at Flat Feet Dance Company work in progress "Pop Cult", Fake it till you make it!
Fuse Arts Festival, Kensington Gardens, Sunday 25 July 2010 (link)