Danai Pappa
Photo Benedict Johnson
Danai Pappa in Saffron Authority by Jelka Milic, The Place Prize 2008 sponsored by Bloomberg

Originally from Greece, Danai Pappa is a London based choreographer, performer and video dance maker. Her work is influenced by her studies in humanities and intents to evoke emotional and psychological states of mind through images, spatial relationships and movement. As a choreographer her goal is to find inventive ways in order to demonstrate shifting modes of representation and performer/spectator relationships. To that end she is always looking for artistic ways to answer questions that have to do with the body in relation to social, cultural and physical aspects.

Her works have been presented in dance, music and performance art festivals and venues in UK, Greece, Spain, Finland, France and Ireland, while her videos have been shown at various videodance festivals around Europe and South America. Danai is a founding member of Agony Art collective, Vaccum Killers and of DAMA artistic duo. She has studied at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University Complutense of Madrid and at Middlesex University, London.